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In the flash mob event held by NCYU, the students of the Department of Visual Arts sketched and painted watercolors at the hall of the High Speed Rail Chiayi Station, hoping to capture the hundred years’ glory by describing the earlier days of Kagi Agricultural and Forestry School and Taiwan Provincial Chiayi Junior Teachers College. NCYU Centennial Anniversary Celebrations Unveiled with a Flash Mob Event at High Speed Rail Chiayi Station

  To celebrate NCYU’s centennial anniversary and Mother’s Day, a flash mob event was organized by National Chiayi University at High Speed Rail Chiayi Station on May 8th. It was brought together by teachers and students from NCYU College of Humanities and Arts, and Chinese music clubs of the Lantan campus and the Affiliated Experimental Elementary School of NCYU. The flash mob event featured a series of artistic shows including sketching, violin and Chinese music performances. It was held to celebrate the upcoming Mother’s Day and the centennial anniversary of the university. The organizers hoped to express “Happy Mother’s Day!” to the countless hardworking mothers, and, while celebrating NCYU’s 100th anniversary, emphasize the university’s commitment to a win-win situation with the local communities.

  The event began with sketching and watercolor painting by eight students including Huang Guan-Wen from the Department of Visual Arts, NCYU, at the hall of the High Speed Rail Chiayi Station. Their paintings captured the hundred years’ glory by portraying the earlier days of Kagi Agricultural and Forestry School and Taiwan Provincial Chiayi Junior Teachers College. Meanwhile, melodious sounds of the violins wafted through the hall of the High Speed Rail station. A repertoire including “I’m Willing” and “Happy Birthday” was performed in sequence by twenty students of the Lantan Strings Orchestra, led by Shih-Yun Hsieh, a teacher from the NCYU Music Department. In the midst of cheerful music, students from Lantan Chinese Orchestra and Chinese Music Club of NCYU Affiliated Experimental Elementary School also joined the performance sequentially. They took turns playing merry, warm songs such as “Green High Mountain” and “Party Animal.” In this serendipitous encounter, they not only tugged at the heartstrings of the passengers, south- or northbound, with the music, but shared the joy of the NCYU’s centennial anniversary.

  According to NCYU President Chyung Ay, since its founding in 1919 NCYU has been dedicated to education on the Chianan Plain for a hundred years, its graduates contributing their part to the society at different corners at home and abroad. This year marks its 100th anniversary, and all the alumni, teachers and students are honored to behold the glorious moment, and join the efforts to plan a series of anniversary celebrations. The flash mob event at the High Speed Rail station today was expected to share the joy with every passenger. It was specially scheduled on the eve of the Mother’s Day, with the staff giving away carnations to the passengers, wishing a happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers in the world. And, happy birthday to NCYU.


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