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The University comprises four campuses and a practicum forest, for a total land mass of 285.32 hectares. The four campuses include the Lantan Campus, Minsyong Campus, Sinmin Campus   and Linsen Campus. Lantan Campus, the administration headquarter is situated in the well-known scenic area between Lantan Reservoir and Renyitan Reservoir. It accommodates the College of Agriculture, College of Science and Engineering and College of Life Sciences. Minsyong Campus, situated in Minsyong Township, accommodates the Teachers College and College of Humanities and Arts. Sinmin Campus, situated in the center of Chiayi City, accommodates College of Management. A variety of extension and lifelong learning programs are offered in Linsen campus to provide educational service to the local community. The practicum forest offers students of related professions hands-on experiences in the field. In conclusion, the four campuses and the practicum forest have their own unique characteristics while they appropriately complement each other.


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