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In the near future, The University is looking forward to the following perspectives.



(1)To reasonably empathize with colleagues, promote administrative efficiency, and set up a harmonious, caring, and active working environment and friendly campus.

(2)To build up a working team with energy, effectiveness, responsibility and sincerity.

(3)To advance administrative e-system efficiency and set up a team that would progress timely and together.



To implement the Three-Five Projects”(innovation and transition phase mid-range school development program - Three-instruction teaching”(Teacher community, Multiple instructions, Curriculum evolution. Teacher community promotes teacher professional development. Through the sharing and inheritance of experiences among peers, the effectiveness of faculty internalization and teaching reform can be achieved. "Multiple instructions" is to transform traditional teaching into innovative teaching, allowing students to switch from passive learning to self-directed learning and to train students in self-study, reading, thinking, discussion, analysis, induction, expression and writing. "Curriculum evolution" emphasizes the use of 3C technology as a medium of instruction, training students to blend into the workplace seamlessly right after graduation. All these will fulfill the purposes of "Three-instruction teaching."


3. Research

To advance the research performance of The University by encouraging faculty members to apply for research projects and grants and by cooperating with other universities in Taiwan or abroad.


4. Community services

To provide in-service training and life-long learning to teachers and professionals in Yunlin, Chiayi, and Tainan regions to assist them with advanced skills. To actively promote industry-university cooperation and innovation, and build a harmonious relationship with the community.


5. Internationalization

To promote international exchanges and cooperation by using English as the instructional language in class, recruiting international students and scholars to give lectures and/or conduct research at The University, and encouraging the faculty and students to participate in international contests and conferences.



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